Thursday, October 11, 2012

A crafter in need of help!

Hi friends,

First I want to apologize for not being here.  Every time I try to post blogger has been acting up and won't even let me access anything.  If it begins to work better, I will be posting some stuff, but not today!

I am so heartbroken for a fellow crafter "Darsie Bruno".  She was awakened on Tuesday morning to a fire in her home.  The post with all of the information is Here  This is so devasting and I thank the good Lord that her & her son are o.k.  She has a very hard road ahead of her (I have been through 2 fires, so know this first hand).  She has lost everything including her craft room.  Please click on the link to read the story and if you can help in any way, please do.

Have good, safe day my friends.

Big hugs & Blessings, Lori

Monday, October 1, 2012

Aaaand the winner is.....

Hi everyone, 

I am so sorry I am late, but blogger has been playing games with me for 2 days!  It keeps telling me that I logged on somewhere else and do I want to relog in.  Well it won't let me do that when I attempt it.  This is the first time I have been able to get in!

Drum roll please............ And the winner is #14 Susan Martin!

Congratulations Susan!  I have selected you through the Ransom generator.  Please send me your snail addy by way of e-mail to  If I don't hear from Susan by Wenesday at 6p.m.est. US time, I will choose another winner.

No worries folks!  There will be a big blog candy when I hit the 100 member mark!

Have a great evening!  Hugs Lori

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello, Reminder & Something New!

A Big Hello & Good Morning To You Dear Friends,

I hope  you are all having a wonderful Saturday, full of play & creativity!

Today is the last day to share my blog candy (click on button at the top of RIGHT column for instructions).  I have doubled my following since I started this candy.  Woohoo!  Keep em coming friends and thank you to my new friends for coming to join me on my journey & path the good Lord leads me to.

While checking my blog newsletters this morning I discovered a new site.  I have added their button to the top LEFT column here for you to click on to go there.  They are Flowers to Flourishes and they have only 1 really good deal a day.  Todays deal is for Spellbinders brand new Ribbon Threader dies and they are $17.99 + $3..99 for shipping!  WOWZA!  I have not seen prices this good on the new release anywhere!!!!  Be sure to click on the FAQ's tab at the top, so you have a complete understanding of how they work.  So hurry, get yours quick!  When they run out, they are gone!!

I have been busy since my Mothers Birthday and I will explain, maybe in a later post today.   I will share pictures of my business in my next post! Lots to share!  As hubby says "It's all good", I think!  LOL!

Creative Hugs, Lori

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Mother's Birthday!

Hi  everyone,

I am going to be quiet for a couple of days.  You see, tomorrow would have been my Mother's 75th Birthday.  It is so odd because I am sitting here thinking about her and I opened a post from Lisa Sommerville to find this card Here   Please go take a peek at her card.  I feel like it was meant for me.

Have a bright, creative crafty day,  Hugs Lori

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Light Tent

Hi everyone,

I have had some questions asking about my Light tent.  First I must say that I love it and it was a really great buy!

Here are the Details on where I got it.

I bought it on e-bay from the user id: mekingequipment

16" Deluxe Photo Light Tent Cube Soft Box 40cm New (290602807680)  I paid $15.13 for it. 

The only issue, was I had to wait for it for over a month.  It was worth the wait though.  I believe this company is in an Asian country and that is part of why it took so long.  Their main business is in photography lighting and equipment.

I really give them high marks.  By the way,  they did not charge me extra for shipping, which could have made it quite expensive.

However, if you are not able to purchase one, you can make one yourself.   Get a box measuring 12 x 12 square and cut off the opening flaps.  With the opening looking at you, you want to cut out squares, leaving about an inch, in the top and 2 sides.  Then line all sides..Top, bottom and sides with white poster board or high quality 12 x 12 white card stock.  If you have an ott light, just put it close to your box when you want to take pictures.  This was my first light box.

The difference between the 2 of them is that, you cannot fold the box and the light tent folds up to about 8 x 8, which makes it very easy to store.  I like this because I have a major dust issue, so I just wrap mine in a plastic bag and store it in a drawer to keep it clean.  I used to put a large trash bag over the box I made, but there was still a space issue.

One last thing, my light tent came with 4 drape clothes, 1 white, 1 red, 1 Black & 1 Blue.  This way I can change my background and the lines in the tent don't show up.  This all comes in a nice little zipper bag that holds the drapes & the tent when folded.

I hope this information is useful to someone.  Good Luck and Have a wonderful evening!

Hugs Lori

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yay! It's time for WOYWW

Hi everyone,   I hope you are having a wonderful Day/Evening!  This is a short post (bet your glad!) to show you my desk for WOYWW (Whats on your workdesk Wednesday).  I am a little late posting.  Had a busy day today!  Now you see my light tent set up to take pictures!
If you want to share or see bunches of work desk go visit Julia at the Stamping Ground

Have a wonderful evening!  Hugs Lori

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Card to share

Hi friends,
Well, the day has not gotten much better, but no worse...I think!
Anyway, here is the card I spoke to you about this morning.  The necklace be low it will be going with the card.
I have been trying to work on my design around the card, like the Mahjong tiles, necklace and washi paper in the background.  Any tips or ideas would be very helpful on this subject.
If you don't mind, I will post in the morning on the supplies for this one.
Have a great evening, Hugs Lori 

Ugh! 2nd part of post!!

I did not mean to hit publish!  ARG!

Oh well, it might be easier to read the rest in a 2nd post!  A lot less to say!    I was almost done with that one!  Whew!

When I finally got pc back up and was checking e-mails, I noticed a reminder to wish my Mom Happy Birthday!  It is September 25th.  All I could  do was cry!  She would have been 75 if she would have lived!  I don't go a day without thinking about her and missing her!

I must thank my newest follower and friend in Jesus, Grace   Just as I was crying, I saw her comment to my blogpost!  Her kind comments were just what I needed at that moment.  Thank you Grace!  Isn't it amazing how the good Lord works!  She was there just when I needed her, which means he was there when I needed him!

Can you tell I have had a rough morning and am a bit emotional.  Please excuse my negativity this morning.

I did manage to get a card completed last night and will share it later today!  I could not take a picture with the power off because this old house is very dark without lights!  No Ott light, no photos!  Anyway, it is for a very special lady whom I have know for about 15 years and would not know her if I bumped into her on the street.  I missed her Birthday with all of the issues around my mom's passing.  I don't think she visit's here, so I will share it later.

I do hope you are all having a much better day than my started out to be!  I am going to go take a nap and  start over when I wake up!  :))

God Bless you & Happy crafting, Hugs Lori
Good morning dear friends,

Well, I the Lord has really been challenging me this past week and maybe showing me what is ahead in our future.

I have had 1 technical challenge after another.  First it was the Nikon camera, then all week my broadband connection has been flipping off right in the middle of me doing something that I did not want to lose.  Well yesterday, it kept flipping off over & over again, so I attempted to call my ISP(Phone company).  Well wouldn't you know it!  I had the most horrible static in my phone!  Then it went dead.  Some of you may not know this, but I am almost completely deaf and my phone is for the hearing impaired, so I can't just go somewhere else to use a phone.  Well I kept trying and after about a half hour the phone was working, so I called AT&T and the recording told me that there was no problem!  WELL, I GOT KIND OF LOUD AT THIS POINT AND SAID.....I NEED TO SPEAK TO A PERSON!!!  (Don't ya just love those recordings!  NOT!) .   Anyway, the nice tech lady told me there is a problem on my end and that a tech would have to come out (And come in the house....Oh Lord Help me!!!) and would be here by noon.  I told her he needed to call me so I can put the dogs away before he gets here!  Well I am nuts waiting and put the dogs out just before noon (It is raining here, so I just put them on my closed in back porch) and he does not arrived until 1:30.  He called at 12:45 and said he was on the way (by that time, I had already brought the dogs back in.  In the mean time, I am in a panic because he has to come into my stamp room and all of the cords are behind tall fill cabinets and my stamp desk is in the way (Less than a foot away from the socket) and it is heavy metal, so not moveable.  So I am running around trying to get at least stuff out of the way so he can get in there.  (Sorry, I had no idea this would be so long).

Anyway he gets here (dogs are locked back on porch, but having a tizzy fit, because there is a strange man in the house with their Mom!) and I show him to my room.  Very nice guy comes in like it was nothing, gets to work on phone, puts in a newer, smaller and sleeker modem and changes the thick phone cord (Yup, he got it there and got that cord changed, even with all the heavy file cabinets, PC desk, stamp desk, etc.  Big guy so he just went over the top.  Anyway,  he was going in and out checking the problems outside and in and was here for about an hour & a half.  Well, guess what happened next!!  He was going out the door and THE DOGS (4 Boxers) BROKE THROUGH THE PORCH DOOR and headed straight for him like mad dogs!  Oh Boy!  Was I in a panic or what!!!  I am freaking out trying to grab them,.  They are barking at him and I am trying to hold them back!  2 dogs get out the door (I am thinking at this point....great this man is gonna get bit and I am going to loose 2 dogs, 1 being pepper).  Needless to say, I am disabled with heart problems and not very strong, as the dogs are!  Well, this big young man did not panic and help me get them back in, stepped out and put his foot against the door, so I could get the dogs back in and shut the big door.  While he was outside, I took some food and enticed the dogs outside (rain had stopped) and locked them out there, so he could finish his work.

He was almost done and had to come in 1 more time.  It turns out that the main problem is with the outside connection box.  But, I knew my pc has been running way to slow for high speed internet and I told him about this!  He did really good and now I have speed again!  The modem was an older model and I really needed a new one!  Anyway, his final words were that another repair person would have tocome and work on the outside problem (at least within 24 hours).  Needless to say, when He left, although he was very nice, I was happy he was gone.  My poor dogs were so tramatized and SO WAS I!!

So, this morning I get up and there is NO POWER!  UGH!!  NO PHONE (Phone still works, but not the part that helps me hear), NO PC, NO WATER and hubby is trying to get ready for work.  He said the power was flipping on and off for about and hour.  I sat there at my kitchen table for about a half an hour and decided to try to call the power company (not being to able to hear).  The nice lady talked to me louder so I could slightly hear her and said she would report it and that there were other outages.

Within less than a half hour I had a number of big giant trucks on the property and in the road!  They were both power and phone company!!  Talk about service!!  Since I live 20 minutes from anything, I was quite surprised that they were all here!  Just after hubby left for work (I keep bottled water so he could get ready), the power came back on!


Back to the rest of the story (almost done).    Yay!  Power back on, but modem still flashing red!  about 10 minutes later the phone repairman knocks on the door and I open it slowly (dogs going crazy!).  Well my dogs went absolutely bazerk!  While I am trying to hold them, 2 of them rush out Pepper again) and after quiet a struggle I was able to get the other 2 back so I could run out and chase down Pepper & Sugar while they were running around (Sugar barking like crazy at the phone man).  Well, I had to bribe them with cookie (dog kind) and the final words of the phone man were "Good dogs you have there"!!  I finally coaxed Pepper & Sugar back in the house!  Even though everything was up and running, things were not quite right with me.  All of a sudden my whole body was shaking and hurting!  I am feeling like someone hit me with a mack truck!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What do ya Think?

Woohoo!  What do you think of my new Template!  I love it!  It took me forever to figure out how to change it.  Everything changed when they changed the blogger site.

I hope you like it and would love to hear your opinion!

Giving you Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hugs Lori

Giveaway Reminder

Happy Sunday everyone! 
Just a quick post to remind you of my Pro Marker Giveaway.  You can find the details HereI will add this to my sidebar to make it easier to locate!
I may have another post later today, with a card.  Just in case I don't get back you have a wonderful day!
Oh, If you notice, I have been doing a little work on my blog!  I even found my original template, but have decided to go another way.  So watch for the changes!
Hugs Lori

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi friends, 
Woohoo I made it!  Had a couple of glitches trying to stop me from posting, but I did not give up!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love having you come by to visit!
This picture is my WOYWW, which is "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday"  by Julia at the Stamping Ground .
This is so much fun to share & go to other Stampers blogs & see what is on their work desk.  Some are so nice & clean, then there are others that are Helter Skelter!  Anyway here is my desk today!  Yay!  My Spellbinders Card Creator dies finally got here.  Waited more than a month to get them (Pre Order).  I am so excited!  Can't wait to play with them.
See my Funky Flower.  That is a combination of Copics and Pro Markers.  I was experimenting to see if there is or how much of a difference there is between the 2.  I am really new at this coloring with Alcohol based markers, so the verdict is still out.  I only have about 8 Copics and 36 Pro Markers.  Then you can see my Bic Markit's there too!  You think I like to color or something!!  LOL!
Anyway, don't forget to scroll down for my giveaway and thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Stamping, Lori

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank you's & Note

Hi everyone, 

How are you today?  No really....I want to know!

First I would like to take a minute to thank you all that have shared my blog and to my new followers.  Only 74 to go to reach 100.  LOL!!!  I will get there!  Eventually!  When I do I have a good size express mail box that is getting new items regularly that will go to some lucky blogger/stamper out there is cyberland!!

Anyway,  no pictures today.  I spent the last couple of days blogging around blogs, going through findings of things I forgot about in my studio.   Isn't it amazing the things we forget about?  Do you do that?  Or is it just me?  Also, last night I played with experimenting with the few copics (8) I have and my Letraset Pro Markers.  I wanted to see which was better or basically how they compare.  I have a little piece that I did, and will post a picture, with a question for you.

Today I am spending time contemplating, praying and remembering those affected by the 9/11 tragedy in New York City.  Always remember.......

Happy Stamping, Hugs Lori

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Giveaway Ending Date

Good Morning Blogging friends,

I was so kindly reminded by my newest follower Shaz , that I neglected to put the ending date for my Giveaway.    Thank you Shaz.  If you click on her name (Highlighted), you can go look at her beautiful blog!

I will announce the winner on Sunday, September 30th, 2012.  If I have 100 followers before that date, I will end it on my 100th follower and send that follower a little gift.

Thank you for visiting my blog and may God's Blessing's in  Jesus, be with you on this beautiful, chilly Sunday Morning!

Hugs Lori

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pepper Update, A Card, Giveaway #2 & more!

Hi dear friends,
First of all my sweet baby Pepper is on the mend & doing well.  The swelling in her paw is almost gone.  She will be on meds for 10 days and I just need to watch for infection.  I am so happy and want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers & comments.
Please please excuse any cruddy pictures!  With loosing my Nikon, thanks to Sue Kment telling me I could do this, I was able to retrieve them.  Editing all that I downloaded was just to much.  Hours worth of work, between 3 programs.  I bought Adobe Elements 10, but have yet to learn that one!
Remember last week when I shared WOYWW. This is the card I was working on.  With the passing of my Mother, I totally did not get my Mother-in-laws Birthday card done.  For her and in honor of my Mother, I worked very hard to do my best card ever and I think I succeeded.


Supplies used:
Paper:  Neenah White c/s
Stamp:  Mom, My Sentiments Exactly (I don't know if they are still in business)
Accessories:  Cheery Lynn Lattice 2 die, Spellbinders Floral Oval, Scalloped Heart,  Floral Flourishes & Foilage,     Flowers by American Crafts.
Other:  Memento inks, Lulu Lavender, Angel Pink & Pear tart.
Cuttlebug, Glue Dots, Aleene's Tacky Glue, Dimensionals,  Paper Studio Gem Stones, Stick Pin , Quick Stik.
This is a set of 12 Letraset Pro Muted Alcohol Blending Markers!  These Markers are the less expensive alternative to copics.  I have been told that they have exactly the same performance.
There is a little story that goes with these Markers.  Originally I ordered  This set & a pastel set from .  When I received my order, I got 2 of these Muted sets and no pastel set.  I called Dick Blick and was told they were so sorry and my pastels would be shipped the same day Aaand to keep the second set of muteds free of charge.  Needless to say, I had my pastel set in 3 days.  I love Dick Blick and will continue to order from them.
Anyway, on to the giveaway.....Yup, you have to do something for me to win these!  
All you have to do is
1.  Sign up to follow me
2.  Share this post through a group you are in or on your blog, even your Facebook or Pinterest accounts. 
3.Once you have share, just come back and leave me a comment. If you have a link to your share, please share it with me. If you don't, that is o.k.
My goal here is to get more followers and I hope you will help me with that.    Thanks for playing with me and helping me get more followers.  This Giveaway ends on September 30th 2012. 
Once I have reached 100 followers, I will have a great blog candy!  Pretty sad that I have less than 20!    I will end the Giveaway on September 30th, 2012, unless I have 100 followers before that date.  Then I will announce the winner on my 100th follower and send that person a little gift.
Now just sharing a couple of pix from my yard of visitors we had this weekend, besides the snake!  In this first picture (I am sorry for the blurr...took these pictures through my window) is a Black Bear.  I was not about to go out side to take this picture.  Black Bears are very dangerous!
In the 2nd Picture is a beautiful Doe, which came on 3 different days!  I feel like we are running a wild animal park!  LOL!!

Well, on a final note...the Nikon (Thanks to Sue) may just need a new Battery!  Funny thing is, I like my Olympus much better!  It takes better pictures and the editing program is much simpler to use!  At least the Nikon cord fits the Olympus!!!  Yay!!
I hope you are  having a wonderful creative day!  I have a lot more to  post, but I think I will save for tomorrow!  Thank you for visiting my blog and please come again.
Hugs Lori

Thursday, September 6, 2012

OOPS! Winners of 1st Giveaway & UGH!

Sorry about sending the post with nothing in it.  That is the kind of day I am having! :((

Anyway will explain that part after I announce the winners of Giveaway #1.  I only got 3 comments on that post and I know all 3 ladies for a long time, so I used to select the winners.

Congratulations to:  Christina Davey & Sue Kment!

Ladies please e-mail me your addresses so I can send.  I know I should have those addresses, but the mess & state of mind I am in would take some time to find them.   As soon as I have your info, I will mail out your Lace & Seam bindings.  Thank you both & Mary Waspe for commenting!

Now on to the UGH! part!  I have been trying so hard to get this blog up and running and I think I just fried my new NIKON camera along with a ton of pictures that I was going to post!  The battery died while I was trying to upload them and there was no way to click on disconnect camera.  I did not know that the battery was dead and could find nothing in the program to tell me why my photos were not downloading or if there were any problems (This camera is just to darn complicated!!).  Since I still have my Olympus, I am not to upset about the Nikon (except for the loss of $$ to buy it).

What I am upset about is the pictures that are on it can't be retrieved if the camera is fried.  I don't know if I mailed the warrenty card on it, but I am pretty sure I saved the receipt.  Now to find it!

You know sometimes I really wonder about all of the products these days that are meant to save time and make our lives easier.  It might be great if you didn't have to read and learn 3" thick (not quite that much, but it feels like it) volumes of instructions for each item.

Anyway, I am just sick about this & losing some great pictures, so that is all I am going to do today!  If by some miracle and a lot of prayer, the camera comes to its senses, I will get on with it tomorrow. 

This has not been my week, but I am not giving up!  ONWARD & UPWARD!!  I will see you sometime tomorrow!
I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Hugs Lori

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About Pepper & more!

Hi dear friends,

Pepper is home from the Vet and sleeping.  Her paw swelled up like a balloon and when I picked her up, while still swollen, it has gone down quite a bit.  She will be on meds for about 2 weeks and I just have to watch the wound for infection.

Thank you so much for your thoughts & Prayers.

I had a ton of stuff to share with you today before this happened.  One is the announcement of the winner of my giveaway and a new giveaway!  I was also going to post for the WOYWW again.  I even took the pictures.  Please forgive me, but I have to wait to do this until tomorrow.  I am emotionally exhausted and it takes a lot of work that I don't have tonight.  I do have a list of fun stuff and I will be back in the morning.  Hugs to you all and have a good evening.

Hugs Lori

Pray warriors for Pepper please!!!!!

Dear Friends,  It is 10:40a.m. est.  My baby Pepper was bitten by a snake.  Mark has rushed her to the Vet!  Please keep her in your prayers and share this with any who will pray for her.  She is my baby and after losing my Mother just over a month ago, I just don't know how I will get through this.
Lord please send my baby back home to me.  In Jesus name I pray!
Love Lori

Friday, August 31, 2012

Busy Day!! Lots of Stuff to Share!

Hi Blogging Friends,

Whew I have had a busy day so far.  I have been overwhelmed with taking & editing a bunch of pictures between 3 editing programs.  Talk about making me nuts.  What one program won't do another one will.  Ugh!  I bought the Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, but have yet to figure out how to use it.  Another thing to learn!  I think I have so many things to learn, that I never get anything learned without doing it the hard way!

Anyway, onto some fun.  When I posted WOYWW the other day, you could see a card up in the left hand corner.  I made this card for my brother, just to say I love him and thank him for his support after my mom passed away!  He is my step brother, so my mother is not his mother, but we pretty much grew up together, so I will always consider him my brother.

Anyway here is the card

I am really happy with how it turned out.  Don't you just love that beautiful plaid dp by Teresa Collins.  It is so vibrant!

Stamps: GinaK Designs Masculine tags by Tami Mayberry and Papertrey inks
Men of Life
Inks:  Memento Bahama Blue & Tuxedo Black
Paper:  Black C/S (?) and Teresa Collins DP
Other:  Spellbinders Labels Twenty Two, Plaid Ribbon (had for a long time,
so don't know where it is from).


Some time ago I posted about the big box of ribbons I found
and I found some Extra Coats & Clark Lace & Seam Binding.  I used to work there many years ago and they used to let us fill up a bag of goodies once a month for FREE!   It was always such fun and I have tons of threads & yarns, especially crochet thread!

On with it now.  I have 2 sets of the White Lace & Seam Binding to share with 2 of my sweet blog friends. 1 set for each.  It is not much, but they are beautiful and I want to share!  (Besides there are more goodies in the near future!)

Anyway, would you like one of these 2 sets?

The 2 winners will receive 1 pack each of the Lace & Seam Binding!  Am I making sense?  The Lace is 3 yards of 3/4" wide.  The seam binding has a very nice silky design and is 3 yards by 1/2" wide.

All you have to do to win is make a comment here and let me know you would like to have them.  I will choose a winner through Random integrater on Monday, Sept. 3 (Labor Day) and post it here.  Only my followers will be qualified to win.

I do have another request, but not a requirement to win the above giveaway.  I would very much appreciate it if you can share this and help me get more followers.  I am really trying to pick up the pace and get this blog moving.


Since tomorrow's giveaway is quite a bit better than the
above, it will require you sharing to win!!  Teehee!  Sneaky aren't I.

Onward & Upward!  Yup, there is more!

Last night I discovered something in my stash that I did not realize how good it is and just had to share it.

I bought this a few months ago and thought it was a really thick magnet.  Well, I store all of my Spellbinders dies in there original folders on magnet sheets and ran out of the sheets.  I still had 3 sets to get in there folders and no magnets.  Well it turns out that this is a magnet tape!!  I mean TAPE!!   It is very thin and feels like electrical tape.  So I pulled some loose (did tear off) stuck a small die on it, thinking yea right!  Well, the die did not fall off!  Long story short,  I would up used it in strips and it is stronger than the magnet sheets.  I held up the folder with the dies in it and shook it.  They did not move.  I was stunned!!
It is really great for these border dies too!  Look at that!!  Just perfect!!  I love this stuff & will absolutely be picking up more on payday!  I did not get a picture, but I wanted to tell you how I store my Spellbinder dies.  I put them in there original folders as you see with magnets, then they go into a photo box.  I have 70 sets in one photo box.  I figured out that I will need to get another one to start over.  The photo box holds 70 sets nicely.
Well, I am out of breath here, so I will FINALLY, shut up.  I hope you are all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend.  See ya tomorrow!
Happy Crafting!!  Hugs Lori

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heidi has Blog Candy!!

Hi Friends,
Go visit Heidi at Embellished Dreams for a chance to win some gorgeous papers & card stock!  Hugs Lori

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW Trying again!

I must say it seems that I was not meant to post this!  ARG!!

I have had the hardest time trying to edit this picture, so please forgive the blur!  Between the new camera (Nikon) and new glasses,  I am having a hard time seeing the 2 images when editing to see which is better.

Anywho, I will not try to preview this post, so please forgive any errors (Don't want to lose the post again).

At the top of the picture you can see a card made for my step brother.  Then you can see my work in progress.  It is coming along so pretty!  I will post both cards soon.
I also, after much thought decided that starting on Thursday, I will have some giveaways for at least a couple of days.  Hubby is home today and  tomorrow for his days off and itis easier to get more done when he is at work.
Well, thanks bunches for stopping by!  Now I will go link this to the Stamping Ground .  You should join in on the fun!  I would love to see what you have on your work desk!!
Happy Creating, Lori

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well shoot!

Hi all,  I have been trying to get back in here.  I had a nice long post ready last Wednesday for WOYWW and when I clicked review blogger lost the whole post on me.  I did not have the time or energy to do it over again!  I do have lots of fun things to post, some cards, a bunch of giveaways and one rather large blog candy!

Well, I will try the WOYWW (What's on your Workdesk Wednesday) again tomorrow and I am not going to preview this post in the hopes that it will be published.  LOL!  Not funny though!

I will leave you with a card I made some time ago (I think Mother Day)  :(  I will attempt to give details tomorrow and try to make it more exciting and fun here.  Lots to share!
Hugs Lori

Please ignore the mess around the card.  Did not have time to edit.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hi Friends,

I am sorry to be missing in action right now and hope to get in here soon.  Right now I am grieving the loss of my mother.  She passed away 3 weeks ago and I am just trying to deal with it.  Please be patient with me.  I am just having a hard time with having fun right now.  I miss her terribly and was not able to be with her at the end.

On another note:  I did mention before that I have blog candy and have not forgotten.  Actually have some fabulous stuff coming up soon.

Hugs Lori

Monday, February 20, 2012

The recipient of my give-a-way!!

Hi friends,

I hope this post finds you having a wonderful day! helped me choose the recipient of the give-a-way!  This was really hard for me to do, as 3 good friends responded.  If I could send to all 3, I would!  However, there will be blog candy coming soon!  Still going through stuff to add to package!
Anywho,  the winner is..........

Christina Davey!

Congratulations my friend and I will mail your dies out to you in a day or so!  I will let you know when I send!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Giveaway....Kind of Weird!

I have 2 items that I have duplicates of and just want them to have a good home....Each set has only been used a few times and there is absolutely no damage or ware to them!  They are Spellbinders dies!  Cool huh!  The weird part is that for some dumb reason, I don't have the original packaging, so they will be sent in CD cases!

Since I only have 17 followers this should be easy!  All you have to do is comment and tell me you don't have them and would like to have them!  It will depend on how many comments (if any) that I get on how I choose to pick the person who gets them!  Keep in mind that I just want them to go to someone who needs them, so if you don't and know someone who does, comment anyway and tell me about who you want to give them to, i.e., friend, sister, etc.  (No names are necessary).

I will choose the recipient on Monday or Tuesday!

The dies are Petite Scalloped Circle, Large (6 dies) and Classic Ovals, Small (5 dies)

Here are the photos:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope someone would like to have these!!

Hugs Lori

Woohooo! My New Toy!!!

I am so excited.....I just got my new toy!!!

A Janome sew Mini!!!!   Isn't it cute!!!  I took the picture next to my Cuttlebug, so you could see how small it is!   You won't believe this....I got it for $49.99 and it was delivered in 2 days!!  It is so light weight too!  I bought it at Hancock Fabrics if you are interested in getting one!  If you click on the Hancock Fabrics link (In Blue), it will take you directly to the order page!

Keep your eyes peeled for the give a way I spoke of the other day!  Sorry I did not get it done that day!  Ugh!  Too much to do, so little time!  LOL!

Thanks for coming by to visit my blog & have a wonderful day....I'll be baaack!!

Hugs Lori

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hi Friends!

Hi Everyone,  I can't believe how long it has been since I posted.  Just checking in to let  you know I have not wasted away!  Also, I will be having a give away, hopefully later today.  There will be a blog candy posted soon too!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I could not believe what I found last night!

While still working on my re-organize/clean up of space, decided to check my ribbon stash!  I moved 1 container that I had ribbon in and could have screamed because it had the ribbon in it that I was looking for earlier in the day, while trying to learn how to use my new peg ribbon maker.  Anyway, I started looking around in different containers and dumping all that I could find on to my desk.  Finally there was so much, that I had to go find a box and take them off of my desk.  It is full of Ribbon, Lace, paper lace, twines, leather strips, Threads for Spirelli and lots of other similar items!  Here is a picture of the top of the box.

This next picture is taken on my desk chair, so that you can see the size of the box!  This box is full!

I was floored that I had to push down to get more in and there was no more room.  AND.....I still have 2 or 3 containers with more in them.  2 are loaded with spools (Ribbon) and the other is some great fibers that I bought in the yarn sections of A C Moore.

This is from a person who thought she did not have enough of any of these items!  I told hubby to slap my hand, if I ever dare say I don't have enough!  LOL!

I am not trying to brag, but I was hoping to get them all stored in the same place....boy do I have a dilemma with that!  I ordered a ribbon winder kit and got some neat little spools on e-bay, but not nearly enough.  I wanted to re-spool all of the ones that are on the store bought spools, as they are to big.  I will have to get more spools to do all of them though....a LOT more spools.

So, what do you think of the pictures?  They are the first ones taken with my new Nikon!  I love it because the only editing I had to do was to re size them.  With the Olympus, I had to edit colors, blurring and size.  Sometimes I had to take the picture 2 to 3 times.  Also, I bought an extra chip, so that I can do videos, but I have a lot to learn there.

Speaking of videos, I hope someone liked the ones I put in my video section yesterday.  I really liked the one about making your own washi tape!

Have a good evening with all of the good Lords blessings for you!  Hugs Lori

Monday, January 30, 2012

2nd post today with something for you!

Hi Friends,

I have added some great videos for you!  You will really like these if you like to save money and are challenged in some areas!  Go to the bottom left to find them!  Enjoy!  Hugs Lori


Oops!  Accidentally hit the post button, I think! 

Hi Friends,  I just wanted to let  you know my creative life is Under major construction, i.e., Blog & craft room.  Both are a mess, out dated and in bad need of first aid!!  LOL!  Craft room is coming along, slow but sure!  UGH!  That is a rough undertaking when you have tons of stuff and the room is smaller than I thought.  Really loved seeing a video yesterday where Stampin Up redecorated a stamp room.  If I can find it, I will share it  with you (Time willing).

You will see that I have already made some changes here with a lot more to come!

Also keep in mind that I am collecting goodies for blog candy.  It will be a little work for it, helping me out, but hopefully you won't think to much! :))

Well, back to the grind!!  Have a great day!  Will be back soonest!!  Hugs Lori

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sharing.....Get a grab box!!

Hi Friends,   I received a grab box that I ordered from The Crafts Meow today.  For $20+ shipping, this box was loaded with great goodies....Buttons, beautiful lace, beads, flowers, papers in both 12 x 12 & 6 x 6 inches!  Click on the link and go check it out!  I got a really fabulous box!  Hugs Lori

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I just can't decide.& a funny thing!!

Hi my sweet stamping friends,  well I have so many things I want to share with you, that I can't decide what, so I will share 3 things with you!

1st. The camera issue....I went to 2 Staples yesterday and no one had a cord that would work on my camera. Well I got peeved and bought this....

Beautiful little Nikon!  Well, here is the funny....while unpacking the box, I pulled out the cord and looked at it........noooooo!   It fits my Olympus!!!!!  Can you beat that with a stick or what?  I was so jazzed!  I was finally able to empty the Olympus and now I have 2 cameras.  I think hubby will get the Olympus to use because this little Nikon does so much more and has a touch screen.  I have to find the instruction book to the Olympus now because it has been so long since I used it, that I forgot how to do some things, like set the time.  For some reason the date is messed up.  I wonder if that has to do with the year changing?

Anyway I have a lot of learning to do with both cameras.  I bought an extra memory chip for the Nikon and may actually be able to do a video.  Must learn a lot about that 1st though.

The 2nd thing I wanted to share with you is my pride & joy....the first thing I bought when I got my disability check....

A 2003 Toyota Sienna Van.  It is in perfect condition and I just love it!  It holds all my great stamping purchases real well.  LOL!

Now for the 3rd thing.......Finally some artwork!  I know you may be sick of Christmas, but these have been stuck in my camera to share with you, so I hope you don't mind.  They are the cards that I made for Christmas and the first cards I made in over a year.

The image I used was a Gina K Designs free digi.  I really liked it and I used my new Spellbinders lace circle die.  The rest is stuff I have had for years and can't remember where I got them!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your visit and thank you for coming by!  I have so much more to share with you, but I would bore you at some point.  Hopefully I will have fresh artwork soon.  I am in the middle of an organizing mess right now.  Tomorrow I will share something fabulous I found yesterday for storage.  I think you will like them.

Have a good evening!  Hugs Lori

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wooohooo...I won Lynn's Birthday Blog Candy!!!

Hi Friends,  I am so jazzed!  I won Lynn;s blog candy on

It has been many years since I won any blog candy and I don't have any of the goodies listed here!
Yahoo and thank you so much Lynn!  Go check out her blog friends!  She makes some really beautiful cards!

  • Pillow Box templates
  • Take Out Box templates
  • Goofy for You clear stamp set by My Favorite Things
  • Spellbinders Big Scalloped Circles Large
  • Friendship Assortment by Clear stamp set from Stampendous
  • Jumbo Cling Romantic Border stamp set from Stampendous
  • Butterscotch orange Vivid Ink Pad
  • Hang in There Stamp set by Gina K Designs, designed by Theresa Momber
  • C2 and C4 Sketch Copic Markers – great for shadowing
  • plus other goodies that I’ll throw in but couldn’t fit in this photograph

Update on Camera Cord......went to Olympus web site and found cord, but wouldn't you know it.....It is OUT OF STOCK!  ARG!!!  I will take camera on Wednesday to Staples  (hubby's day off) to see if the generic one they have will work on my camera.  Also, left a request on Olympus to notify me when in stock.  I have pretty much gone over everything in this room and it is no where to be found!  I even prayed to our finder of lost things (Jesus) to help me find it.  Still not found!  I can't wait to get that camera cord, so I can have Blog Candy too!!

For the next few (probably weeks),  I will be working on cleaning & organizing my space, but if I can find some art work in my files that I have not posted, I will post for you to see!

Also, besides winning blog candy, I got 2 nice size orders today from Papertrey and Stampsimply ribbon store!  Oh boy....Stamps, dies and a bunch of paper!  The stamps & dies are the ones that the dies go with the stamps and some are the dies that go with Justrite stamps with the blocks!  It is a goodie kind of fun day!  Weeeeee!  Now tonight while hubby is on pc, I will be playing with my goodies!

I am so excited to get back to my stamping.....I have been away much to long!!!  I miss all my stamping buddies!!!  :))

Yall have a wonderful day friends!!  Hugs Lori

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi Friends,  Happy Sunday!  Just thought I would check in, say hello & give an update, so that you don't think I have disappeared again.  I'm still here...yay1!!  No Camera cord though :((  All I can think of is that I accidentally threw it away!   The reason I am thinking this, is that I spent all day yesterday trying to rearrange my stamp room/office!  Oh my goodness...what a job!!  You never realize how much stuff you have until you try to move it......WHAT A PACK RAT I AM!!!!  You would not believe what I have thrown away.  I save stuff of all kinds....Packaging, containers...blah,blah, blah!!!  Well I have had to toss a lot of it.  While I like the new arrangement, IT DOES NOT LIKE ME!!!  I am really struggling to get everything to fit and I have less in here (not much) than I did before.  I still have not finished putting it all back......Geez, everything is soooo dang dusty!  I have had to clean just about everything!  I am just glad that I store all of my papers to protect them.  I still have enough to do in here to keep me busy for a month...working on it every day!

Well the good part about this is when I can get a cord for camera.....I will be having a big blog candy!  I am thinking of a contest!  What do think?  A hint....1 part is a fabulous Tim Holt die that I got a duplicate of recently.  I knew it was a duplicate when I bought it, but the deal was on e-bay and it was 3 dies for a great price and I really wanted the other 2.  I just figured it would be good for blog candy.  If I find to much stuff, I may split into 2 Candies!  I intend to get a camera cord in the next day or so.  I will see if I can get one from Olympus online today,  I know Staples has a generic one, but I don't know if it will work on my camera.  Here is the problem.....Since I had 2 seizures (still sore, bruised & paying for them), I cannot drive for 6 months, so I have to get someone to take me to shop!!  UGH!!!  I hate not having my independence!

On the health issue.....haven't had any more seizures, thank the good Lord.  I have huge bruises all over from the last one!  It was the worst one I have ever had and hubby says that it lasted for about 15 minutes, which is a long time.  You know the awkward part about this, is that we had visitors when this happened.........HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!  They saw the whole dignity left here!  I had a lot of factors that caused this one though, one being the stress of the above visitors.  We haven't heard a word from them since!  LOL!  All in all though, except for feeling like I took a really bad beating, I have been feeling better this last week.

I've had tons of fun shopping online lately too!  Bought a bunch of Nestibilities, Tim Holtz & a couple of generic dies and a bunch of. Cuttlebug folders.  Since I have more than 5,000 stamps (lost count), I need to concentrate on things to jazz my cards up!  Anyway, ordered lots of stuff (On the way), bling, tools, papers, etc.  Now I just have to figure out where to put it all!!  LOL!  Don't you just love all these stunning craft rooms you see in blog land!  EAT MY HEART OUT!!!  Unless I have some sort of miracle happen, mine will never look that good....LOL!

Well sweet friends.....I know I have blathered on and on and could keep going here, but I am rambling and will close for now.  I have tried to make this post upbeat & happy...hope you caught that!  :))  With my closing I leave  you with a picture of my beautiful Grandson Dylan on the John Deere tractor I bought him!  He is such a happy "Little Man" and I hope & pray I will get to meet him someday! 

May the good Lord Bless you all with a wonderful day!  Love & Hugs Lori

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ready for a change!

Hi dear friends,  I spoke to Staples this morning and they have a generic cord that may work to replace the cord I lost.  Don't you just know that as soon as I buy this one, I will find the cord that I lost.  I am almost sure I put it in a spot where I would not lose it.

Well, yesterdayI had another seizure (the 2nd one in less than 2 weeks).  It was a really bad one.  I almost broke my wrist and can barely move my left arm.  I have bruises all over me between this one and the first one last week.  I don't usually have them so close together and they were both really bad.  I am sooo ready for these to stop!

They are affecting my mojo as I am having a hard time staying on task.  I will be right in the middle of doing something & just completely go blank.  Having a seizure is like someone sending high voltage to your brain and you start feeling like you have dementia for about 6 months after just one seizure!

Well, I am sore & really tired.  Hope to be back crafting really soon.  I sure do miss it & have bought some cool stuff I can't wait to share with you soon.  Have a happy everything!  Hugs Lori

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yay!  At least I got my template loaded.  This is not the one I would have chosen, but blogger does not have very many to choose from.  Apparently none of theirs have 3 columns and most of them are plain dull.    This will have to do, until I can find & load a template that I like.  Still have not found the camera cord, but will keep looking.

On another note,  yesterday was a really bad day for me!  While hubby & I were doing some major housework (expecting visitors, that I did not want to come), I was really stressed out.  My body kept doing strange things, including nausea and I felt really strange.   The next thing I know I am sitting in the bathroom, wondering how I  got there.  I had a really bad Grand Mal seizure!  Hubby said it was the longest I ever had and was about 15 minutes long.  That is a long time for a seizure!  Needless to say, I am wiped out today and really sore.  I hit my head on something (always do) and used muscles I forgot I had.

I can't explain how these affect my thinking for about 6 months after I have one.  I tend to start something and go completely blank, not remembering what I was doing for a few seconds at a time and seem to forget (temporarily) how to do things that I do everyday.

Thank you friends for stopping by and I will try to at least load some pictures of pups and Grandchildren already loaded on pc either later today or tomorrow.

Happy Stamping & Have a beautiful day!  Hugs Lori

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hi Friends,  Well I really want to get back into using my blog and sharing STUFF!!  Everything seems to be giving me tons of camera cord yet and now this blog layout is messed up.  I can't seem to get help from blogger and can't even change the template!  I hate this new blogger page too!  They went from easy to use to messed up and complicated. 

If anyone can help me with this template, please send me an e-mail with helps!

Thank you & have a great day!  Hugs Lori