Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Reason For Not Blogging

Hi Everyone, This time I have a reason for not being here. I had a really bad virus hit my pc (I think hubby opened something he shouldn't have) and had to erase my hard drive and start over. I lost everything....all photos, documents..all of it. This was not the main problem though. My pc absolutely refused to do the Vista Service Pack 1 Update!
So, I spent most of last week and yesterday on the phone with Microsoft Technicians. After taking hours each time trying to download this very important update (pc won't run well without these updates being done), I was getting so frustrated. Finally last night we found the problem! Want to know what it was?
It was McAfee Antivirus Program!!! Even though I disabled it, it still would not allow the service pack from MICROSOFT to download!!! I have been telling Mark for years that I hated McAfee and they always caused problems with my pc's. I knew it..I knew it!!!! I tried to uninstall it after I had cleaned my hard drive, but it refused to uninstall. I had to give the Microsoft Tech "Narendran" permission to access my computer, so he could remove it for me. Let me tell you, it is very interesting to watch movement from somewhere else on you pc while you are not doing anything! So Wierd!

Anyway all in all, I dealt with 3 different Microsoft Technicians over the last week and I can't say enough about how wonderful they are. They were so helpful and patient, especially that I am going deaf made it a bit harder. Besides the great feeling of finally getting it loaded Narendran, The Tech thanked ME for being so patient while we resolved the issue. How great is that!

Now my machine is clean and has my good antivirus program installed that McAfee fought against tooth and nail. I am a happy blogger today! Thanks for stopping by and listening to my pc woes! I will try to post some cards later today!