Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In a hurry & a tip for you!

Hi friends,  I am sorry to be absent so often.  I am in the middle of moving (long story, will explain at a later date). 

Here is a tip for you.

I hope this helps some of you...does it drive you nuts trying to keep up with sponges, daubers and which go with which inks. Well, I thought of a great solution. Long ago and far away, I used the Halo system (Velcro) for my unmounted stamps. This was before all the wonderful clear cling and my finally using the cling mount sheets.

The female part of the Velcro went on the stamp, but I always had a ton of the male part left, because you only needed a little bit on your block to attach your stamps with. I know someone out there knows what I am talking about. :) Anyway, I kept all of the male part and still have quite a bit of the female part. Now Ranger has the pads for sponging and there are the little daubers or dabbers as some call them. I have so many Ink pads that it was hard to keep track of these critters that I would use for a certain color. I noticed that each ink pad has a well on the bottom of them. Yup! They do! Go look...see it?

So here is what I did: I took the male part of the Velcro and put a piece of it on the back of my ink pads as I used them. When done using the pad, I removed it from the handle and attached it on the bottom of the ink pad that I used it on! Viola! Now for the daubers, some have finger holes, so I just stuck a little of the female part on the side and attached it to the side of the pad. I did this because the ink pads stack and the dauber would take up that space so that you could not stack them.

I have quite a few that don't have anything attached yet, but as I buy new pads, I will add them. I hope you like this idea. I know I love this one!

I have been honored by Nancy Waterman of .  She is printing this tip on her next on-line article.  Anyway, thank you Nancy and thank you for coming to visit my blog.  Hopefully once settled from the move, I will be back to share some goodies with you.

Hugs Lori

Friday, March 29, 2013


Hi friends, 
I told you I was going to try to be here more often!  Didn't believe me huh!  Well neither did I LOL!  I have taken a lot of photos in the past that were meant to be shared here, so I will be trying to get some of them out here.

The first ones I want to share is the Dragonfly I found just outside of my door a couple of  Springs ago.  (Yeah, I know!!)  I was just floored and luckily able to grab my camera before it flew away!

Isn't he a beauty!!!  I had never seen one this beautiful before and was so delighted when I found him sitting out there!  He seemed to sit there and model for me!  He stayed out there for a long time! 
If you have a good photo editing program, feel free to snag & use the photos in your projects, if you wish to.
Have a Happy Friday & a great weekend!
Hugs Lori

Thursday, March 28, 2013

WOW! I did it again...same hop!

Guess What friends!  While e-mailing back & forth with Michelle to get my prize sent, she told me that another blogger from the same hope had posted my name as the winner on her blog.  I asked Michelle for the blog addy and went over there to see if it was me.  I wasn't going to assume that it was since I see so many others with the same moniker (name).  Anyway I boogied over there and clicked on my name and sure enough it was me.  Her blog candy is a mystery box, so I will have to wait and see the goodies I get.

Is that weird or what!  If Michelle didn't tell me that she saw my name, I would not have known that I won.  She told me I should go buy a lottery ticket!  LOL!

Gee! Does anyone have any kind of system on how to keep track of them.  I get tons of blog hops and while I don't do all of them, there can sometimes be up to 10 bloggers to comment on there posts.  If they all have blog candy, it would be hard to keep track of.  Any ideas!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my last post.  I love hearing from you and if you are just visiting I would love for you to come and follow me.

One more last thing.  I had a blogaversary in February...Oops!  I missed it!  However, I am hoping to post a rather large blog giveaway to celebrate anyway.  I will be working on it in the next few days and send out the details ASAP!

Thanks for stopping by!  Yall come back now! :))

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WOYWW, I Won & Happy News

Hi Everyone,

I know, I know....I am so bad and should be here much more often.  Ya know there are many times when I say to myself, I need to blog this.....  Then I get side tracked and no blog post!  I am so sorry & really will try to do better.  That said, on with the good Stuff... :)  This is a long post and please forgive any blurriness in photos! (More on that another time).

I think I will do this backward from the title.  First the Happy news!  My Grandson Dylan is getting a baby bother for his birthday!!  Dylan will be 3 on May 7 and his baby brother is due to  see the world on May 8th!   Yay!!  Me Grandma for the 4th time!  2 beautiful Granddaughter and now 2 very handsome Grandsons!

The next yay is I won the goodies in this picture on Michelle's blog!  Yummy!  Love the Spellbinders and the baby dies are perfect for me right now!

 Thank you bunches Michelle!  I am so excited to play with these new goodies!

Now what you have been waiting for WOYWW.....My Mess!! :)
Well I tried to remove a couple of these pix, but blogger won't allow it for some reason.  This first one is very dark, but shows an overall picture....actually skip it.  Don't try to look at it.  Awful picture!  Lets scoot on down to the next one.

This one below is a better picture.  I told you it is a mess! Most of it is of new goodies received last week.  Next picture.....

 Here you can see my new Die D-Lites, Embossing Folders and that fabulous new ribbon from the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store.  On of them is a special Baby Boy ribbon.  Can you see it?  There are also some older EF there too for a project I am attempting to work on.  Hopefully I will be able to post on that as it comes along. 
See that wonderful Bling!  A whole box of 50 pieces arrived this week from Want2Scrap!  Woohoo!
 Here are 2 more pictures of the same area.  Hopefully you can get a good look from one of them.

 And here is my new Purple Cows Laminator from It is so cute and came with a bunch of Pouches.  My old laminator bit the dust and missed it when I needed to laminate something.
 You can also see some Justrite stamps here, my trash can peeking out from under the desk and my pride & Joy!  The Shadow box frame has vintage Hat Pins in it and I attached them to a piece of Black Velvet to display them.  They normally sit on top of my 1906 antique sewing machine, but I brought them out to share when I show you the gorgeous hat pins next to them.  I got these from Christina at Card Making Magic.  Her link is in the left column here on the blog!  These pins are absolutely stunning.
I have had my hat pins for many years and collected hat pins long before they became popular.  I believe I got mine at an antique shop.  Anyway, back to Christine...this is one amazingly talented lady and shares all of her special projects, techniques and has a whole Library of written and video tutorials.  Now she has opened her own shop and sharing some of her wonderful creations with us, so go take in some Eye Candy if you have time.  (Not related, just in love with her talents).

Well now you have seen my big mess of fun goodies!  If you want to share your goodies or just see other bloggers fabulous desks and what they are up to, go visit Julia's blog to see more WOYWW.  Thank you Julia for all the fun you provide by doing this!
Thank you blog friends for stopping by.  I hope you are doing well and will see you soon.  Oh and will someone please find out where Spring is!  Not here, that's for sure!  Brrrrrr!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Good News on the Home front!!

Yay!  I don't know where she has been, but I just went out to check my mail and my sweet Lucy Twos was there waiting to be fed.  Did you know cats don't like to be squeezed!!  LOL!

I am so happy to see her.  She has never been gone for so long.  Now I will go call Mark at work and tell him she is home!

Hugs Lori