Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yay!  At least I got my template loaded.  This is not the one I would have chosen, but blogger does not have very many to choose from.  Apparently none of theirs have 3 columns and most of them are plain dull.    This will have to do, until I can find & load a template that I like.  Still have not found the camera cord, but will keep looking.

On another note,  yesterday was a really bad day for me!  While hubby & I were doing some major housework (expecting visitors, that I did not want to come), I was really stressed out.  My body kept doing strange things, including nausea and I felt really strange.   The next thing I know I am sitting in the bathroom, wondering how I  got there.  I had a really bad Grand Mal seizure!  Hubby said it was the longest I ever had and was about 15 minutes long.  That is a long time for a seizure!  Needless to say, I am wiped out today and really sore.  I hit my head on something (always do) and used muscles I forgot I had.

I can't explain how these affect my thinking for about 6 months after I have one.  I tend to start something and go completely blank, not remembering what I was doing for a few seconds at a time and seem to forget (temporarily) how to do things that I do everyday.

Thank you friends for stopping by and I will try to at least load some pictures of pups and Grandchildren already loaded on pc either later today or tomorrow.

Happy Stamping & Have a beautiful day!  Hugs Lori



Oh Lori,, I am so sorry,, please take care of yourself,, I have missed you. Becky

Sue from Oregon

oh so sorry to hear of your seizure Lori, ever so scary! Hope you are taking it easy and recovering. I like this template alot! Much brighter and cleaner...but I that would be a no brainer since my blog is very similar...I like white!

christina d

Be careful! I'll be waiting to see what you do.