Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How the Name came about...short funny story!

Hi Stampers,

I wanted to share how I came up with the name for this blog.....besides the fact that I am hopelessly addicted to stamping!
It started when DH, Mark went to buy my first new pc. I had to work that day, so he went to Staples to get it and since he purchased it and they set it up there, they asked him what the main e-mail address would be. Well I had told him Stampninklady and he told the tech Stampninclady. See the difference is I look like I am a corporation!

Well that is how they set up my very first e-mail address and try as I might, I could not change it. I wanted to spank him for getting it wrong....LOL! So when I started this blog, I finally got my original name! Kind of cute, don't you think!
I wanted to share that I was recently gifted with a new toy.....It arrived in the mail yesterday.....A Score-Pal! I just love it so far and played it some last night and today one of my dear House Mouse friends shared a great tutorial on it at Gina K designs. If you like the Scor-pal, you really must go there and see her tutorials. There are 2 parts and both fantastic!
Another thing I wanted to share is that last week I ask Dawn Griffith to do a video on making bows for our cards and the sweetheart that she is did it and it posted today! You will just love it, she did a great job! Thank you so much Dawn! You are so talented and I love all of your videos!
Thanks for coming to visit and I will try to update more often. Hopefully, I will have some artwork of my own to share with you soon. Big Hugs Lori