Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yay!  At least I got my template loaded.  This is not the one I would have chosen, but blogger does not have very many to choose from.  Apparently none of theirs have 3 columns and most of them are plain dull.    This will have to do, until I can find & load a template that I like.  Still have not found the camera cord, but will keep looking.

On another note,  yesterday was a really bad day for me!  While hubby & I were doing some major housework (expecting visitors, that I did not want to come), I was really stressed out.  My body kept doing strange things, including nausea and I felt really strange.   The next thing I know I am sitting in the bathroom, wondering how I  got there.  I had a really bad Grand Mal seizure!  Hubby said it was the longest I ever had and was about 15 minutes long.  That is a long time for a seizure!  Needless to say, I am wiped out today and really sore.  I hit my head on something (always do) and used muscles I forgot I had.

I can't explain how these affect my thinking for about 6 months after I have one.  I tend to start something and go completely blank, not remembering what I was doing for a few seconds at a time and seem to forget (temporarily) how to do things that I do everyday.

Thank you friends for stopping by and I will try to at least load some pictures of pups and Grandchildren already loaded on pc either later today or tomorrow.

Happy Stamping & Have a beautiful day!  Hugs Lori

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hi Friends,  Well I really want to get back into using my blog and sharing STUFF!!  Everything seems to be giving me tons of camera cord yet and now this blog layout is messed up.  I can't seem to get help from blogger and can't even change the template!  I hate this new blogger page too!  They went from easy to use to messed up and complicated. 

If anyone can help me with this template, please send me an e-mail with helps!

Thank you & have a great day!  Hugs Lori

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year & Camera Cord!

Hi Blog Friends,

First I must wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, with a prayer that 2012 is the year that all
good things happen for you!

Next I must tell you that my goal for this year is to do more blogging and creating. I have
been very depressed in 2011 and did not do much stamping or creating at all. In September
my disability case was finally approved. This was a 5 year wait!! UGH! At the final hearing
the Judge took one look at me, spent about 10 minutes with my case & said "I have heard
enough APPROVED"!!

Now my latest issue about not posting is that I have lost my camera cord. I know it is in this
mess of a craft room somewhere. In the meantime my camera is loaded with pictures that I
can't download. Do you ever put something somewhere special so you won't lose it and then
can't find it? My camera cord is something I am very careful about not losing, but I did anyway!
UGH! If I don't find it by the time my check comes in, I will buy another one. Don't you just know that I will find the cord as soon as I buy another one!! LOL!

Since I got a nice settlement, I have been having a blast shopping for our craft and other
personal items. One of which is a light tent for my camera! I got it on e-bay for $15.13
including shipping! It hasn't arrived yet, so maybe I will find my cord before it does. I really
need to unload my camera so I can take more pictures!!

Happy Stamping and Have a great day!!