Saturday, April 5, 2008

This card that I made for the MAR swap was a real challenge and I don't think it will ever be repeated by me at least. I used seam binding up each side of the image and it was not easy adhering it to the panel. Is it too much with the background plaid panel? I sort of like it. Do you ever have a card that you have done and you like it, but are unsure of what your recipient will like it?

I would love to hear your comments on it. Thanks for stopping by. Lori

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kissing A Bird!

This is one that I made. At first this little image drove me nuts. I usually have a hard time working with smaller images. It isn't the small image, so much as it is the space around it. Since I have been blogging so much lately I am getting all kinds of inspiration. The background on this is a metallic blue and I made the diamond design with my Scor-Pal. I just love that thing. I am just amazed at what I can accomplish with it.

So, what do you think of my lay-out? I would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for stopping by.

Another Great Mouse-A-Round Card

I received this great card from Kimberly for our MAR (Mouse-A-Round) Swap! Isn't it Stunning! The paisley paper really goes nice with the strawberries! Don't you just love this image! I do! I like all of the House Mouse images with Strawberries. I love strawberries!
Thank you Kimberly for this great work of art and the extra goodies you sent me too!

Be Back in a Minute with a new post!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great Mail Day today!

Hi Everyone!
I had a wonderful day today! Isn't this card stunning!
I got this card from a member and dear friend Linda Abby for our MAR swap, which means "Mouse-a-round.
I am just in love with this card and I have a special way to display my favorites and this one will definitely be on that display! Linda was also so generous as to send me and embossing folder "Swiss Dots" for my Cuttlebug!
Thanks you so much Linda! You are the greatest!

Its a House Mouse Day!

This is another card I had so much fun making.
The letters are from the same pack of foam letters on the "Make a wish card". One of my House Mouse group friends (Lisa) sent me the letters and another
friend from my group sent me this fabulous pre-cut book card. I used a gold leafing pen for the top pages and on the side of the spine, I used a Sekura Gel pen to write Mouse Tails. I am afraid you can barely see it.
I was so tickled with this card and it will be going in the mail to one of my Mousie friends this week. It is
actually dark blue, not black and looks much better in person than in the scan.
It is not the scanner that is my problem. I can edit them without any problem on the scanner program. It is the Adobe starter edition on this new pc that changes the look when I transfer them. They come in really dull and I hit fix and I think it does a really bad job of fixing it. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to get the advanced edition or buy a new photo editing program. I already have a great program...Print Shop, but it is not compatible with windows Vista!!! This really burns me that Microsoft and other companies do this! They upgrade products and force you to buy new programs or as in my case do without! Sorry about the rant! It is like a burr in my saddle! LOL!
Well gotta run....lots to do today......I may send another card your way later today with another post. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stampin!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Monday!

Trying to start off on an upbeat note, but another gloomy day here in the South (weather wise that is!). I really miss the sunshine! This weather is so weird! We get 1 or 2 days of beautiful Spring like weather with Sunshine and warmth!
I am now on the 3rd book of the "Left Behind " books "Nicolae" and about half way through it.

If I did absolutely nothing else, I could read all 12 of them in a week, but we all know how that is. You can't just stop the world and get off for a week! LOL!

I received this card from a member of my group Karyn, for the Getting to know you swap. Isn't it adorable! I just love the Happy Hoppers and frogs too! It was the perfect card to send me. Karyn is so talented! Thank you so much Karyn!

Well thanks for stopping by and I will probably come back later and show some more of my cards. Happy Stampin! Hugs Lori

Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Cards!

I just love this image and made a couple of them. If I can ever find some Gamsol, I would like to change to coloring with my Prismacolor Pencils.

I am also finding that I want to start using smaller images, so that I can add more elements to my cards.

Later in the week, I will share some great cards that I have received lately and give you some fantastic Icandy!

Now lets see if I can get another picture up for you.
Well I got the "Make a Wish" Card Loaded, but the layout is not what I wanted. I had so much fun making that card. I used these foamy letters that one of my House Mouse Friends sent me and those little letters are like Gold to me! I just love em!
I think I will save some more to show you tomorrow! I have to go wake up Mark (hubby) as he has been off today and slept most of the day off and on! He is suffering with a broken toe and a
really bad toothache! It will be off to the Dentist for him tomorrow! At least I hope he will go so he feels better. You know how men are when they don't feel! LOL!
Have a great evening and see ya tomorrow! Hugs Lori

Remember Me?

Yup! I am still here.....just sometimes life gets in the way, so I haven't been able to post lately.

I want to share with you my Saturday! I went shopping with a dear sweet friend yesterday!Boy, did we have fun! It started with her picking me up and bringing me a glazed donut and a bottle of Pepsi (My all time favorite drink!). From there we went to Hobby Lobby and we stayed there long enough that we were hungry, so we stopped and had a little burger at McDonalds, then on to a Stamp Store. After we left the stamp store we headed to a Scrapbooking store and then on to A.C. Moore. Needless to say we spent no less than an hour in each place and more money than we should have. After A.C. Moore we carried our tired hungry behinds over to Cracker Barrel (By this time it was evening). Believe it or not we had another stop before she brought me home. We stopped at Walgreens, so my sweet friend could by a ton of candy to donate to Meals-on-Wheels. Isn't that a nice thing for her to do!

I must share that this sweet friend spoiled me rotten while we were out. She bought me a stamp and a Cuttlebug Embossing folder, amoung other items and paid for our dinner. Thank you Derenda! You are such a special person and I am honored and proud to have you as my friend.

I also wanted to share some cards that I have been working on.....Yup! I figured out a way to use my scanner by setting up my old pc, scanning the cards and transferring them to my little zip drive and then transferring them on to this pc. A little bit of a pain, but at least I can scan them. Hope you like them!
The one at the top is the first one and they look much better in person than the scan shows them. That little mouse is flying to Canada as I type this. It is for a Getting to Know You swap and it is a card I am very proud of because I don't usually use ribbon on my cards because I am ribbon challenged. I am trying very hard to get out of that rut and do things that I don't usually do on my cards. I just love the Harlequinn background paper. As a matter of fact that is the stamp my friend Derenda bought me yesterday....a Harlequinn Design.

I will send them in separate posts because I am having a hard time getting them uploaded under my post. Watch for the next post in a few minutes!