Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Morning

I am hoping this will be a quick post as I spent a long time the other day trying to send the post for my convention loot! While trying to format, blogger kept removing my pictures! I am hoping to out smart it today! I loaded all my pictures and will attempt to type around them.Please forgive me if this post is messy, as I have a lot to get accomplished today! I have a huge list and am crossing things off as I go!

Remember the other day, I said I would sharemy convention make n takes! Well I am finally getting a round to it! So sorry it has taken so long!

This first picture is not my making! It is an ATC from my friend Debbie who is in our stamp club! Isn't this stunning! I just had to share and don't know if you can see it in the picture, but she did this on artists canvas! Sorry for the bit of glare. Took these in a hurry, so I would not forget! Teehee!

The card below was so much fun to make, but I messed up
the glitter glue, trying to get it home. I think I can repair it
though. You know what really bugs me, is that I can't for the
life of me remember what company I did this with. The paper
behind the image (Green), is called Black Magic, if that helps

This one I remember well, because they were
the only other paper company there, besides Marco's!
I did this one at The paper Cut . Isn't it sooo cute!
My picture is not straight though! If you look at
the black layer at the top...see where it is flat...
that is the top of the card and also the hinge!
Am I making sense? The card opens from the
black layer, not the pink!

A couple of hours later they changed Venues
and I went back and made this tag card! So fun
and they had another one that I missed early in
the day with an acetate frame! Shucks!

I did not make this tag, but love it and wanted
to share it. It was made as a Demo at Rubbernecker,
where I bought my Nestibilities (that is how I
remembered this one). The reason I like this
so much, was that the background area was
made with a tool (similar to the one you use
for the felt on alcohol inks), that holds a pad to
add ink to your c/s. Unfortuneatly funds ran out
before I could buy some, but they are defineately
on my list (wishing that is!)

Another reason for this post is when I lost my
pc a few weeks ago, apparently I lost my signature
here too, so I am attempting to add it back! Lets
hope it shows up! LOL!

Maybe I will post again promises
though! Busy day ahead! Have a great day and
thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Me Again!! Somthing new to share!

I just found a site that sells Asian stamps and I was amazed at what I saw. The stamps are on white rubber (never saw that before), mounted on acrylic blocks (not this either), with the index in color under the Acrylic. The company is called Kodomo, Inc. and the designs are beautiful too! You really should go and take a look! Thanks for stopping by! TTFN Lori

A Fantabulous Video!!!

Hi Stampers,

I just had to share this fabulous video that Crystal shared on CCB group last night! You really must go and watch it......I promise you won't be sorry!

This video is made by Becca at Amazing Paper Grace blog. You can see her amazing cards that she has made on her blog!She uses Nestibilities and corner punches to make the most beautiful design and shows you how to do it too!

You can go to see the video here. This is such a sweet treat and I am so happy to share it with the world. Thank you Crystal for sharing it and thank you Becca for your great Video!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Happy Monday & Happy Stamping! I will hopefully try to post again later.

Hugs Lori

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Convention Loot!

Hi Everyone,
I went to Convention in Greenville, SC yesterday! I had so much fun...met with old friends that I haven't seen in quite sometime, did Make N Takes and of course shopped til I was ready to drop! LOL!

Here is what I have wanted for a whole year (at least)! Yea!!! Now I have 2 sets of Nestibilities!!

I just love all of the designs made with scallops and did not want to buy a bunch of punches. They take up way to much space and overall you get more Bang for your buck with the Nesties! It would have cost me somewhere in the range of (or maybe more than) $200.00 to buy 6 punches and then I doubt that you could find all of these sizes in punches. Can you see the price I paid for these? Fantastic!!! Only $20.00 from Rubbernecker! I think this was a convention special! Marco's paper had them too, but they were $25.00 a piece. I must say they had a better selection though! I really wanted the larger scallops, but this was more in my budget (which was almost gone! LOL!)

Marco's Paper had a wonderful selection of both Nestibilities and Cuttlebug Folders. They didn't have any of the New Nesties, but they did have some of the Newer CB folders and if you know me, you know that I love my CuttleBug! They had some great paper too! Teehee!

Anyway, I could not resist...I bought 1 of the already known folders and 1 of the newer ones (which is actually 5 in 1) at Marco's!

I have wanted this "Diamonds in the rough" for a long time and whoopie! Now I have it!

The newer one I bought is called "With Love" and it is 5 boarders
in 1. They come apart and you can put them anwhere on your card that you want to! I am going to have so much fun with this one!
Isn't it amazing the things they keep coming up with to make our craft so much easier and even more fun all the time!

I will post later with the Make N Takes that I made and hopefully (If time allows) get some cards made to show you with my new goodies! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Sunday!