Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year & Camera Cord!

Hi Blog Friends,

First I must wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, with a prayer that 2012 is the year that all
good things happen for you!

Next I must tell you that my goal for this year is to do more blogging and creating. I have
been very depressed in 2011 and did not do much stamping or creating at all. In September
my disability case was finally approved. This was a 5 year wait!! UGH! At the final hearing
the Judge took one look at me, spent about 10 minutes with my case & said "I have heard
enough APPROVED"!!

Now my latest issue about not posting is that I have lost my camera cord. I know it is in this
mess of a craft room somewhere. In the meantime my camera is loaded with pictures that I
can't download. Do you ever put something somewhere special so you won't lose it and then
can't find it? My camera cord is something I am very careful about not losing, but I did anyway!
UGH! If I don't find it by the time my check comes in, I will buy another one. Don't you just know that I will find the cord as soon as I buy another one!! LOL!

Since I got a nice settlement, I have been having a blast shopping for our craft and other
personal items. One of which is a light tent for my camera! I got it on e-bay for $15.13
including shipping! It hasn't arrived yet, so maybe I will find my cord before it does. I really
need to unload my camera so I can take more pictures!!

Happy Stamping and Have a great day!!


Sue from Oregon

Welcome back! I was cleaning my crafty room today and found a Lori original and was wondering how you were! What perfect timing! Hope 2012 is a good one!

christina d

I've been wondering about you! I'm glad the case is final. I lost my camera cord too. I sure know how you feel.