Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sharing.....Get a grab box!!

Hi Friends,   I received a grab box that I ordered from The Crafts Meow today.  For $20+ shipping, this box was loaded with great goodies....Buttons, beautiful lace, beads, flowers, papers in both 12 x 12 & 6 x 6 inches!  Click on the link and go check it out!  I got a really fabulous box!  Hugs Lori

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I just can't decide.& a funny thing!!

Hi my sweet stamping friends,  well I have so many things I want to share with you, that I can't decide what, so I will share 3 things with you!

1st. The camera issue....I went to 2 Staples yesterday and no one had a cord that would work on my camera. Well I got peeved and bought this....

Beautiful little Nikon!  Well, here is the funny....while unpacking the box, I pulled out the cord and looked at it........noooooo!   It fits my Olympus!!!!!  Can you beat that with a stick or what?  I was so jazzed!  I was finally able to empty the Olympus and now I have 2 cameras.  I think hubby will get the Olympus to use because this little Nikon does so much more and has a touch screen.  I have to find the instruction book to the Olympus now because it has been so long since I used it, that I forgot how to do some things, like set the time.  For some reason the date is messed up.  I wonder if that has to do with the year changing?

Anyway I have a lot of learning to do with both cameras.  I bought an extra memory chip for the Nikon and may actually be able to do a video.  Must learn a lot about that 1st though.

The 2nd thing I wanted to share with you is my pride & joy....the first thing I bought when I got my disability check....

A 2003 Toyota Sienna Van.  It is in perfect condition and I just love it!  It holds all my great stamping purchases real well.  LOL!

Now for the 3rd thing.......Finally some artwork!  I know you may be sick of Christmas, but these have been stuck in my camera to share with you, so I hope you don't mind.  They are the cards that I made for Christmas and the first cards I made in over a year.

The image I used was a Gina K Designs free digi.  I really liked it and I used my new Spellbinders lace circle die.  The rest is stuff I have had for years and can't remember where I got them!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your visit and thank you for coming by!  I have so much more to share with you, but I would bore you at some point.  Hopefully I will have fresh artwork soon.  I am in the middle of an organizing mess right now.  Tomorrow I will share something fabulous I found yesterday for storage.  I think you will like them.

Have a good evening!  Hugs Lori

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wooohooo...I won Lynn's Birthday Blog Candy!!!

Hi Friends,  I am so jazzed!  I won Lynn;s blog candy on

It has been many years since I won any blog candy and I don't have any of the goodies listed here!
Yahoo and thank you so much Lynn!  Go check out her blog friends!  She makes some really beautiful cards!

  • Pillow Box templates
  • Take Out Box templates
  • Goofy for You clear stamp set by My Favorite Things
  • Spellbinders Big Scalloped Circles Large
  • Friendship Assortment by Clear stamp set from Stampendous
  • Jumbo Cling Romantic Border stamp set from Stampendous
  • Butterscotch orange Vivid Ink Pad
  • Hang in There Stamp set by Gina K Designs, designed by Theresa Momber
  • C2 and C4 Sketch Copic Markers – great for shadowing
  • plus other goodies that I’ll throw in but couldn’t fit in this photograph

Update on Camera Cord......went to Olympus web site and found cord, but wouldn't you know it.....It is OUT OF STOCK!  ARG!!!  I will take camera on Wednesday to Staples  (hubby's day off) to see if the generic one they have will work on my camera.  Also, left a request on Olympus to notify me when in stock.  I have pretty much gone over everything in this room and it is no where to be found!  I even prayed to our finder of lost things (Jesus) to help me find it.  Still not found!  I can't wait to get that camera cord, so I can have Blog Candy too!!

For the next few (probably weeks),  I will be working on cleaning & organizing my space, but if I can find some art work in my files that I have not posted, I will post for you to see!

Also, besides winning blog candy, I got 2 nice size orders today from Papertrey and Stampsimply ribbon store!  Oh boy....Stamps, dies and a bunch of paper!  The stamps & dies are the ones that the dies go with the stamps and some are the dies that go with Justrite stamps with the blocks!  It is a goodie kind of fun day!  Weeeeee!  Now tonight while hubby is on pc, I will be playing with my goodies!

I am so excited to get back to my stamping.....I have been away much to long!!!  I miss all my stamping buddies!!!  :))

Yall have a wonderful day friends!!  Hugs Lori

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi Friends,  Happy Sunday!  Just thought I would check in, say hello & give an update, so that you don't think I have disappeared again.  I'm still here...yay1!!  No Camera cord though :((  All I can think of is that I accidentally threw it away!   The reason I am thinking this, is that I spent all day yesterday trying to rearrange my stamp room/office!  Oh my goodness...what a job!!  You never realize how much stuff you have until you try to move it......WHAT A PACK RAT I AM!!!!  You would not believe what I have thrown away.  I save stuff of all kinds....Packaging, containers...blah,blah, blah!!!  Well I have had to toss a lot of it.  While I like the new arrangement, IT DOES NOT LIKE ME!!!  I am really struggling to get everything to fit and I have less in here (not much) than I did before.  I still have not finished putting it all back......Geez, everything is soooo dang dusty!  I have had to clean just about everything!  I am just glad that I store all of my papers to protect them.  I still have enough to do in here to keep me busy for a month...working on it every day!

Well the good part about this is when I can get a cord for camera.....I will be having a big blog candy!  I am thinking of a contest!  What do think?  A hint....1 part is a fabulous Tim Holt die that I got a duplicate of recently.  I knew it was a duplicate when I bought it, but the deal was on e-bay and it was 3 dies for a great price and I really wanted the other 2.  I just figured it would be good for blog candy.  If I find to much stuff, I may split into 2 Candies!  I intend to get a camera cord in the next day or so.  I will see if I can get one from Olympus online today,  I know Staples has a generic one, but I don't know if it will work on my camera.  Here is the problem.....Since I had 2 seizures (still sore, bruised & paying for them), I cannot drive for 6 months, so I have to get someone to take me to shop!!  UGH!!!  I hate not having my independence!

On the health issue.....haven't had any more seizures, thank the good Lord.  I have huge bruises all over from the last one!  It was the worst one I have ever had and hubby says that it lasted for about 15 minutes, which is a long time.  You know the awkward part about this, is that we had visitors when this happened.........HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!  They saw the whole dignity left here!  I had a lot of factors that caused this one though, one being the stress of the above visitors.  We haven't heard a word from them since!  LOL!  All in all though, except for feeling like I took a really bad beating, I have been feeling better this last week.

I've had tons of fun shopping online lately too!  Bought a bunch of Nestibilities, Tim Holtz & a couple of generic dies and a bunch of. Cuttlebug folders.  Since I have more than 5,000 stamps (lost count), I need to concentrate on things to jazz my cards up!  Anyway, ordered lots of stuff (On the way), bling, tools, papers, etc.  Now I just have to figure out where to put it all!!  LOL!  Don't you just love all these stunning craft rooms you see in blog land!  EAT MY HEART OUT!!!  Unless I have some sort of miracle happen, mine will never look that good....LOL!

Well sweet friends.....I know I have blathered on and on and could keep going here, but I am rambling and will close for now.  I have tried to make this post upbeat & happy...hope you caught that!  :))  With my closing I leave  you with a picture of my beautiful Grandson Dylan on the John Deere tractor I bought him!  He is such a happy "Little Man" and I hope & pray I will get to meet him someday! 

May the good Lord Bless you all with a wonderful day!  Love & Hugs Lori