Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Friend....., and the most exciting news!!!

Hi friends,

I made this card last night and called it "Dear Friend". You can see why....I actually handwrote the words on the card with a metallic silver gel pen.

If you look at the image, she is writing what appears
to be a letter, so this fit perfectly. I glued 3 small Prima
flowers to the right hand corner and added the little
embellishment to it. Then I maded the dots with the
silver pen down the side. I am sorry, I don't know
who makes this image, as it was sent to me a long time
ago. Not the stamp, just the image pre-stamped. If
you know who makes it, I would love to know.

I had so many other things to share and then something
soooooooo exciting happened to me this morning that
I have to share with you!

Do you ever feel like you will bust with excitement over
something soooo special, that you want to share it with
the entire world! That is how I feel right now....YUP!

Yesterday I joined face book, not knowing that my sons
were on there and found them when I did a run of my
yahoo address book. Well, not an hour ago, I received
a message from my youngest son Robert, telling me that
he and his beautiful wife Dana are expecting my first

Wooooo Stinkin Hooooo! You
wanna talk about doing the
happy dance!!!!!

It's a boy!!!!! And his name is
Dylan Gregory (last name left out to
protect them)!!!!!!! Oh Stinkin Joy!!!!!
Do I sound a little excited!!!! Yupppers!

The good Lord has blessed me with the best thing
thathas happened to me since my beautiful little
Granddaughters were born! Yup! I have 2 of the most
beautiful little Granddaughters! Even though I have
not been able to see them in person for a long time,
I love them with all my heart!

Not trying to be morbid, but if I died tomorrow...I could
not be any happier than I am right now! Sorry to be so
mushy, but that is how I feel and needed an outlet! Thanks
for listening to this crazy Grandma slobber all over you!

Have a fabulous day and Happy Stamping my friends!


Donna Moore

Thought I would drop over and say thank you for your comment on my blog today. I arrived and am enjoying your card, then suddenly you go off dancing and woohooing all over the place. ...big grin...What awesome news for you! A grandson, I will woohoo with you! Congratulations to you and your son, dil and the whole family. I hope your granddaughters are excited as well!
Nice to meet another sister in faith, thanks again for dropping in!

Shelly Schmidt

Thanks for stopping by the FCD blog hop- and WOW! I stopped by on a good day- I LOVE happy news!!! That is so exciting!!! You are truly blessed!!! Oh, Love your card as well!

Chrissy D

Beautiful card! COngratulations on your new grandchild!

christina d

It's still outstanding news. I love the ard, it came out so pretty! You have the nicest handwriting too!!


What wonderful news! Congrats!
Beautiful card! Wish I could hand write like that!


So beautiuful


your handwriting is beautiful! :)
congrats on your exciting news!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine

congrats on the baby boy....yeah doing the happy dance with ya....adorable card too...have a wonderful day!

enjoy *~*

JP Card Crazy

Your card is Wonderful and your news is even more Wonderful!!! So glad you have connected with family when they are so far away Facebook can be a wonderful place!