Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Its a House Mouse Day!

This is another card I had so much fun making.
The letters are from the same pack of foam letters on the "Make a wish card". One of my House Mouse group friends (Lisa) sent me the letters and another
friend from my group sent me this fabulous pre-cut book card. I used a gold leafing pen for the top pages and on the side of the spine, I used a Sekura Gel pen to write Mouse Tails. I am afraid you can barely see it.
I was so tickled with this card and it will be going in the mail to one of my Mousie friends this week. It is
actually dark blue, not black and looks much better in person than in the scan.
It is not the scanner that is my problem. I can edit them without any problem on the scanner program. It is the Adobe starter edition on this new pc that changes the look when I transfer them. They come in really dull and I hit fix and I think it does a really bad job of fixing it. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to get the advanced edition or buy a new photo editing program. I already have a great program...Print Shop, but it is not compatible with windows Vista!!! This really burns me that Microsoft and other companies do this! They upgrade products and force you to buy new programs or as in my case do without! Sorry about the rant! It is like a burr in my saddle! LOL!
Well gotta run....lots to do today......I may send another card your way later today with another post. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stampin!



If you don't mind shopping on ebay then here's a link to 'print shop for vista' for cheap ...and the shipping is only $3.50us.