Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ugh! 2nd part of post!!

I did not mean to hit publish!  ARG!

Oh well, it might be easier to read the rest in a 2nd post!  A lot less to say!    I was almost done with that one!  Whew!

When I finally got pc back up and was checking e-mails, I noticed a reminder to wish my Mom Happy Birthday!  It is September 25th.  All I could  do was cry!  She would have been 75 if she would have lived!  I don't go a day without thinking about her and missing her!

I must thank my newest follower and friend in Jesus, Grace   Just as I was crying, I saw her comment to my blogpost!  Her kind comments were just what I needed at that moment.  Thank you Grace!  Isn't it amazing how the good Lord works!  She was there just when I needed her, which means he was there when I needed him!

Can you tell I have had a rough morning and am a bit emotional.  Please excuse my negativity this morning.

I did manage to get a card completed last night and will share it later today!  I could not take a picture with the power off because this old house is very dark without lights!  No Ott light, no photos!  Anyway, it is for a very special lady whom I have know for about 15 years and would not know her if I bumped into her on the street.  I missed her Birthday with all of the issues around my mom's passing.  I don't think she visit's here, so I will share it later.

I do hope you are all having a much better day than my started out to be!  I am going to go take a nap and  start over when I wake up!  :))

God Bless you & Happy crafting, Hugs Lori



Wish I could come over and give you a a big hug. Praying for you, let Jesus be your comforter.

christina d

Not always the best of days is it. Can't wait to see the card you made!

christina d

Sounds like a heck of a day there. I'm glad everything is up and running again. A very good thing no one got bit either!


Lori, I'm sending a cyber hug. I know what it is to miss your Mom! You never let go, she'll always be there in your heart, but hard as it is to believe right now, the pain WILL ease over time. It does help sometimes, to let out the hurt. Just lean on the Good Lord, and know that your Mom is with Him, keeping watch over you. Talk with you soon...I PROMISE! Hugs.