Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good morning dear friends,

Well, I the Lord has really been challenging me this past week and maybe showing me what is ahead in our future.

I have had 1 technical challenge after another.  First it was the Nikon camera, then all week my broadband connection has been flipping off right in the middle of me doing something that I did not want to lose.  Well yesterday, it kept flipping off over & over again, so I attempted to call my ISP(Phone company).  Well wouldn't you know it!  I had the most horrible static in my phone!  Then it went dead.  Some of you may not know this, but I am almost completely deaf and my phone is for the hearing impaired, so I can't just go somewhere else to use a phone.  Well I kept trying and after about a half hour the phone was working, so I called AT&T and the recording told me that there was no problem!  WELL, I GOT KIND OF LOUD AT THIS POINT AND SAID.....I NEED TO SPEAK TO A PERSON!!!  (Don't ya just love those recordings!  NOT!) .   Anyway, the nice tech lady told me there is a problem on my end and that a tech would have to come out (And come in the house....Oh Lord Help me!!!) and would be here by noon.  I told her he needed to call me so I can put the dogs away before he gets here!  Well I am nuts waiting and put the dogs out just before noon (It is raining here, so I just put them on my closed in back porch) and he does not arrived until 1:30.  He called at 12:45 and said he was on the way (by that time, I had already brought the dogs back in.  In the mean time, I am in a panic because he has to come into my stamp room and all of the cords are behind tall fill cabinets and my stamp desk is in the way (Less than a foot away from the socket) and it is heavy metal, so not moveable.  So I am running around trying to get at least stuff out of the way so he can get in there.  (Sorry, I had no idea this would be so long).

Anyway he gets here (dogs are locked back on porch, but having a tizzy fit, because there is a strange man in the house with their Mom!) and I show him to my room.  Very nice guy comes in like it was nothing, gets to work on phone, puts in a newer, smaller and sleeker modem and changes the thick phone cord (Yup, he got it there and got that cord changed, even with all the heavy file cabinets, PC desk, stamp desk, etc.  Big guy so he just went over the top.  Anyway,  he was going in and out checking the problems outside and in and was here for about an hour & a half.  Well, guess what happened next!!  He was going out the door and THE DOGS (4 Boxers) BROKE THROUGH THE PORCH DOOR and headed straight for him like mad dogs!  Oh Boy!  Was I in a panic or what!!!  I am freaking out trying to grab them,.  They are barking at him and I am trying to hold them back!  2 dogs get out the door (I am thinking at this point....great this man is gonna get bit and I am going to loose 2 dogs, 1 being pepper).  Needless to say, I am disabled with heart problems and not very strong, as the dogs are!  Well, this big young man did not panic and help me get them back in, stepped out and put his foot against the door, so I could get the dogs back in and shut the big door.  While he was outside, I took some food and enticed the dogs outside (rain had stopped) and locked them out there, so he could finish his work.

He was almost done and had to come in 1 more time.  It turns out that the main problem is with the outside connection box.  But, I knew my pc has been running way to slow for high speed internet and I told him about this!  He did really good and now I have speed again!  The modem was an older model and I really needed a new one!  Anyway, his final words were that another repair person would have tocome and work on the outside problem (at least within 24 hours).  Needless to say, when He left, although he was very nice, I was happy he was gone.  My poor dogs were so tramatized and SO WAS I!!

So, this morning I get up and there is NO POWER!  UGH!!  NO PHONE (Phone still works, but not the part that helps me hear), NO PC, NO WATER and hubby is trying to get ready for work.  He said the power was flipping on and off for about and hour.  I sat there at my kitchen table for about a half an hour and decided to try to call the power company (not being to able to hear).  The nice lady talked to me louder so I could slightly hear her and said she would report it and that there were other outages.

Within less than a half hour I had a number of big giant trucks on the property and in the road!  They were both power and phone company!!  Talk about service!!  Since I live 20 minutes from anything, I was quite surprised that they were all here!  Just after hubby left for work (I keep bottled water so he could get ready), the power came back on!


Back to the rest of the story (almost done).    Yay!  Power back on, but modem still flashing red!  about 10 minutes later the phone repairman knocks on the door and I open it slowly (dogs going crazy!).  Well my dogs went absolutely bazerk!  While I am trying to hold them, 2 of them rush out Pepper again) and after quiet a struggle I was able to get the other 2 back so I could run out and chase down Pepper & Sugar while they were running around (Sugar barking like crazy at the phone man).  Well, I had to bribe them with cookie (dog kind) and the final words of the phone man were "Good dogs you have there"!!  I finally coaxed Pepper & Sugar back in the house!  Even though everything was up and running, things were not quite right with me.  All of a sudden my whole body was shaking and hurting!  I am feeling like someone hit me with a mack truck!


Sue from Oregon

oh my Lori, you have had quite a go of it!


Oh my, you really DID have quite a day! I am with you on the phone thing. I have the 'hearing' phone too, but if you get someone who has an accent, talks low or fast, still a struggle. Glad you got the utilities out there to help you and that they showed up pretty fast. Hope all things continue to be well. Hugs