Sunday, June 22, 2008

Clipboard Project for Hubby's Birthday!

I have been working on Altering a clipboard for hubby's birthday present and it has been a task.....not because of the actual physical work, but coming up with a theme, an idea. I wanted to do something that would portray his intelligence, as well as his interests. I started this project months ago and put it away hoping to think of an idea. I painted a clipboard (not the one I gave him) in Olive Green & Pearl Blue Lumiere Metallic Acrylic paints. I then printed out a bunch of Dover clip art in black only (printer color cartridges are empty) and colored the images with chalk
then sprayed with fixative so the black printer ink would not run if wet. I then used Mod Podge to adhere them to the make a long story short....hated it....this is the one!

Soooooo, I started over with a clean clipboard. No Paint this time! I used Mod Podge to adhere 2 12" x 12" sheets of designer paper, front & back....then a new problem arose...what to do with the empty top part and the ugly clip. I took out my alcohol inks (Adirondak) and dabbed them all over the clips and the little initial pieces, then adhered the little initials with Scor-Tape, from the makers
of Scor-Pal (Link below Right). Now I still had the problem with the blank top and it looked really ugly with nothing there. I know...I Know....Mulberry Paper! Well, I couldn't find it in this mess...oh where could it be. After looking for an hour, I finally found it...mod podged it on and used my water color pen to tear the excess around the back to make it fit, almost perfectly. I think it makes a nice topper, what do you think? Here is the final result of the one I gave him last night.
This is the back and the photo to the far right is the front. Had a little trouble getting the html code to cooperation on the positioning of the photos! LOL! I will learn!

I am really pleased with the final result. You know how it is when you sort of have an idea in your head but can't quite get it out in to a realistic project? Well I do this all the time and most of the time, it turns out totally different than I thought it would.

I have a harder time with men's projects and cards than with other subjects. I would love to hear what you think of this clipboard project. Please post a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs Lori