Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WOYWW, I Won & Happy News

Hi Everyone,

I know, I know....I am so bad and should be here much more often.  Ya know there are many times when I say to myself, I need to blog this.....  Then I get side tracked and no blog post!  I am so sorry & really will try to do better.  That said, on with the good Stuff... :)  This is a long post and please forgive any blurriness in photos! (More on that another time).

I think I will do this backward from the title.  First the Happy news!  My Grandson Dylan is getting a baby bother for his birthday!!  Dylan will be 3 on May 7 and his baby brother is due to  see the world on May 8th!   Yay!!  Me Grandma for the 4th time!  2 beautiful Granddaughter and now 2 very handsome Grandsons!

The next yay is I won the goodies in this picture on Michelle's blog!  Yummy!  Love the Spellbinders and the baby dies are perfect for me right now!

 Thank you bunches Michelle!  I am so excited to play with these new goodies!

Now what you have been waiting for WOYWW.....My Mess!! :)
Well I tried to remove a couple of these pix, but blogger won't allow it for some reason.  This first one is very dark, but shows an overall picture....actually skip it.  Don't try to look at it.  Awful picture!  Lets scoot on down to the next one.

This one below is a better picture.  I told you it is a mess! Most of it is of new goodies received last week.  Next picture.....

 Here you can see my new Die D-Lites, Embossing Folders and that fabulous new ribbon from the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store.  On of them is a special Baby Boy ribbon.  Can you see it?  There are also some older EF there too for a project I am attempting to work on.  Hopefully I will be able to post on that as it comes along. 
See that wonderful Bling!  A whole box of 50 pieces arrived this week from Want2Scrap!  Woohoo!
 Here are 2 more pictures of the same area.  Hopefully you can get a good look from one of them.

 And here is my new Purple Cows Laminator from It is so cute and came with a bunch of Pouches.  My old laminator bit the dust and missed it when I needed to laminate something.
 You can also see some Justrite stamps here, my trash can peeking out from under the desk and my pride & Joy!  The Shadow box frame has vintage Hat Pins in it and I attached them to a piece of Black Velvet to display them.  They normally sit on top of my 1906 antique sewing machine, but I brought them out to share when I show you the gorgeous hat pins next to them.  I got these from Christina at Card Making Magic.  Her link is in the left column here on the blog!  These pins are absolutely stunning.
I have had my hat pins for many years and collected hat pins long before they became popular.  I believe I got mine at an antique shop.  Anyway, back to Christine...this is one amazingly talented lady and shares all of her special projects, techniques and has a whole Library of written and video tutorials.  Now she has opened her own shop and sharing some of her wonderful creations with us, so go take in some Eye Candy if you have time.  (Not related, just in love with her talents).

Well now you have seen my big mess of fun goodies!  If you want to share your goodies or just see other bloggers fabulous desks and what they are up to, go visit Julia's blog to see more WOYWW.  Thank you Julia for all the fun you provide by doing this!
Thank you blog friends for stopping by.  I hope you are doing well and will see you soon.  Oh and will someone please find out where Spring is!  Not here, that's for sure!  Brrrrrr!



Hey Lori! Congratulations on the soon-to-be new grandson. Grandbabies are treasures. I have 2 girls I adore.

Lots of new goodies to play with. Love your vintage hat pins. And your not-so-vintage ones, too. Creative Blessings! Kelly #158

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards

Hullo there Lori

Oh you had me chuckling with that first pickie :D and feel for you in it..
A great creative space today, ad so much lovely new stash!
Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW!
May God bless you with a happy safe Easter as we remember His great gift to us, Shaz in Oz.x #14


Gosh so much happening on and around your desk, those hat pins look Devine and loads of toys to play with too.

Happy WOYWW & Easter

Maxam Made

Oh Oh Oh, fun, fun, fun all your new stuff!! I had fun enlarging your pictures and seeing your old stuff too!! Lots of coloring things and inks and everything else!! Love to come over and play!!
Have a great day , I am going to have to check out the scpar store you mentioned.
Ginny M


Hi Lori, So lovely to hear from you aain. I totally understand about "life" getting in the way of blogging. Gotta do what we have to do, then have the blog fun. So many congratulations are coming your way: New grandbaby, great stash win, kitty returned home...I know you are one happy lady. Good to 'see you' again. Hope you will have time to show some great projects with your new toys. Hugs


Doesn't look like a mess to me... looks like busy creativity! Congrats on the imminent new arrival, and belated happy WOYWW!
Alison x

christina d

Congrats on the new grandbaby! You sure have gotten some nice stuff including the prize. My work area looks worse than that!

Julia Dunnit

Loving your hat pins, will definitely have to visit Christine, you lead me into bad ways Lori! I see no mess and if blogger had let me enlarge the pictures, I would have wallowed amongst your treasures for a while longer! So while you're getting your bling on with all that new stuff, congrats on the new to be grandson, how marvellous.


Wonderful news for you all! A new baby! I love your creative space and am soooo pleased I have a small area which has to be kept tidy.....that's probably why I'm not creating very much...!!!!!! :OD