Thursday, March 28, 2013

WOW! I did it again...same hop!

Guess What friends!  While e-mailing back & forth with Michelle to get my prize sent, she told me that another blogger from the same hope had posted my name as the winner on her blog.  I asked Michelle for the blog addy and went over there to see if it was me.  I wasn't going to assume that it was since I see so many others with the same moniker (name).  Anyway I boogied over there and clicked on my name and sure enough it was me.  Her blog candy is a mystery box, so I will have to wait and see the goodies I get.

Is that weird or what!  If Michelle didn't tell me that she saw my name, I would not have known that I won.  She told me I should go buy a lottery ticket!  LOL!

Gee! Does anyone have any kind of system on how to keep track of them.  I get tons of blog hops and while I don't do all of them, there can sometimes be up to 10 bloggers to comment on there posts.  If they all have blog candy, it would be hard to keep track of.  Any ideas!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my last post.  I love hearing from you and if you are just visiting I would love for you to come and follow me.

One more last thing.  I had a blogaversary in February...Oops!  I missed it!  However, I am hoping to post a rather large blog giveaway to celebrate anyway.  I will be working on it in the next few days and send out the details ASAP!

Thanks for stopping by!  Yall come back now! :))


christina d

Congrats again! Be sure to let us know what you get in the mystery box.


Bravo! What a great way to kick start posting on your blog again! Enjoy your goodies!


I have a little book (from Michaels $1.50 bins) and I write each card I make, (post title) and the date at the top of the page. Then I list any challenges that I put that card into.
I number them and leave a line in between. I list the challenge, the date it closes, the theme of the challenge etc.
I use a tick mark system beside the number. one tick once I have hyperlinked that challenge to my post,one tick once the blog post is connected, one tick once I have left a comment on that blog.
The empty line in between is for a line in red ink if I entered a blog hop or a giveaway on that challenge blog.
After I list the challenges the card is in, I then switch to red ink and list any blog hops I enter and the date they close, till I make my next card and start a new page.

As I check the blog hops and the challenges for wins, I draw a red ink line through them if I am not a winner and I hilite them with yellow ink if I do win.

Sorry about the long reply!


If you don"t do challenges, and are only looking for a way to track blog candy or could keep a calender in your scrapbook room that is just for that purpose. Every time you enter, write the blog addy and the draw date on your calendar.