Friday, March 29, 2013


Hi friends, 
I told you I was going to try to be here more often!  Didn't believe me huh!  Well neither did I LOL!  I have taken a lot of photos in the past that were meant to be shared here, so I will be trying to get some of them out here.

The first ones I want to share is the Dragonfly I found just outside of my door a couple of  Springs ago.  (Yeah, I know!!)  I was just floored and luckily able to grab my camera before it flew away!

Isn't he a beauty!!!  I had never seen one this beautiful before and was so delighted when I found him sitting out there!  He seemed to sit there and model for me!  He stayed out there for a long time! 
If you have a good photo editing program, feel free to snag & use the photos in your projects, if you wish to.
Have a Happy Friday & a great weekend!
Hugs Lori


Jan Castle

Happy little guy...glad you are posting! I need to do the same as my last post was for July4, 2012! LOL! Luck to both of us!!!
Paper Hugs,

Mary R.

Wow lori, that dragonfly is really beautiful .... and he just sit there and let you take pictures of him ...great.....have a wonderweek end...


Hi Lori, nice to have another post from you. Beautiful dragonfly, and you did a great job in capturing him! What kind of camera are you using? I'm interested in getting a video camera that will also take stills - be dummy proof, and not cost an arm & leg! You have any recommendations? Happy Easter.

christina d

Glad to see you post. What a neat dragonfly.

Scrappin Abby

Hi the pics of the dragonfly...they are truly beautiful aren't they? I just became a follower of your blog and I am looking forward to looking through your posts this weekend : ) Can you send me an email to so I have your email address? I wanted to share something with you regarding all the Mon Ami Gabby stuff I picked up at convention. Thanks : )


That is one beautiful dragonfly! great photos! TFS!


That is so amazing...they are such wonderful creatures! I have always once seen them one or maybe two flying in the garden...
but I went to a funeral once and when we left the church there was a cloud of 50 or maybe even a hundred hovering around the tree canopy of the courtyard.