Thursday, October 11, 2012

A crafter in need of help!

Hi friends,

First I want to apologize for not being here.  Every time I try to post blogger has been acting up and won't even let me access anything.  If it begins to work better, I will be posting some stuff, but not today!

I am so heartbroken for a fellow crafter "Darsie Bruno".  She was awakened on Tuesday morning to a fire in her home.  The post with all of the information is Here  This is so devasting and I thank the good Lord that her & her son are o.k.  She has a very hard road ahead of her (I have been through 2 fires, so know this first hand).  She has lost everything including her craft room.  Please click on the link to read the story and if you can help in any way, please do.

Have good, safe day my friends.

Big hugs & Blessings, Lori


christina d

I saw that about Darsie. How sad. I'm going to try and help.


Hey Lori, So sorry to hear about your friend. I will check out your link, and see if there is anything we might could do in the way of help. Hope things are ok in your world, and Mr. Blogger is starting to behave. I hope we have our modem,router,provider problems sorted. New router installed on Monday, so we'll see if it is Charter next! We need to do lunch one day next week. Hugs.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards

Hi Lori ah praying 'specially for your friend over there and so many suffering on the east coast as well every blessing dear friend, Shaz in oz.x

Mary H.

Hi, just wanted to wish you a most Happy New Year, and say that I'll be looking forward to seeing the lovely projects you share in 2013. Will hope that it will be a banner year for you & yours. Hugs.