Sunday, January 4, 2009

Had to share this great gift!

I had a swap on my group called "Mystery Scavenger Hunt Christmas Swap. I have run this swap numerous times and it is a loved and very successful swap! The way the swap runs is that once sign ups are complete, each week I call out 5 items and the players are to pick one of the 5 and place it in a box. At this time they have no idea who they will send to. I give them their MSH at the end of the swap. The MSH has no idea who sends to them until the package is delivered. It is such a fun swap, but since I am running it, I can't play (no secrets for me! (LOL)
List Mom's out there feel free to use the concept and if you need more info just send me a post!

Anyway, as a thank from one of the members "Jackie" who played she made and sent me these great note cards!

Here are 2 pictures...please forgive my crummy editing. Still need some practice here!

This one below is more of a close up! She also made me envelopes! Aren't they great!Jackie made this with her Justrite Stamper Monagram set (sorry, don't have the link off hand). I really want this set now! What a fabulous gift! I probably won't have the heart to ever give them to anyone! Thank you so much Jackie!