Sunday, December 28, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow fonder???

Hi Yall,
I know! I know! I have been gone too long! I had a heart problem at the end of October and had to have a stent installed to keep the motor running! Can't say good as new, but working on it! A whole new lifestyle for me! Have had to give up most of the foods that I love! I was already learning to eat healthy before this happened, but it was to late! I already had a blockage in the artery!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and the new Year to come will bring you many blessings from Jesus!
Anyway, Christmas got my mojo going and I have been making some cards and 1 project that I will be sharing with you. I will do them in separate posts between tonight and tomorrow!
The first one I want to share is a little gifty I made for hubby for Christmas! I got this project from a video from ChicnScratch Here on how to cover a compostion Notebook.
It is very hard for me to come up with something for him. I wanted it to be tasteful and not cutsy! I don't think men (especially my hubby) would enjoy cutsy! So, it took me more than a week to figure out all the details and I still keep thinking that I could have done better! What do you think?

I wound up using stickers on it and was kind of disappointed that I had to do that, but I was out of time and had to do something! It still looks manly though, doesn't it? He said he liked it, but he would never tell me if he didn't.

Here is the card I made him.....really got in a hurry and used Jolees on this one!

That is what I get for doing them at the last minute! LOL!
I would love to hear your comments on these and thanks for stopping by!
Hugs Lori


christina d

I like the card and notebook. I don't always use stamping either. I like outline stickers! Bet hubby liked them though.