Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In a hurry & a tip for you!

Hi friends,  I am sorry to be absent so often.  I am in the middle of moving (long story, will explain at a later date). 

Here is a tip for you.

I hope this helps some of you...does it drive you nuts trying to keep up with sponges, daubers and which go with which inks. Well, I thought of a great solution. Long ago and far away, I used the Halo system (Velcro) for my unmounted stamps. This was before all the wonderful clear cling and my finally using the cling mount sheets.

The female part of the Velcro went on the stamp, but I always had a ton of the male part left, because you only needed a little bit on your block to attach your stamps with. I know someone out there knows what I am talking about. :) Anyway, I kept all of the male part and still have quite a bit of the female part. Now Ranger has the pads for sponging and there are the little daubers or dabbers as some call them. I have so many Ink pads that it was hard to keep track of these critters that I would use for a certain color. I noticed that each ink pad has a well on the bottom of them. Yup! They do! Go look...see it?

So here is what I did: I took the male part of the Velcro and put a piece of it on the back of my ink pads as I used them. When done using the pad, I removed it from the handle and attached it on the bottom of the ink pad that I used it on! Viola! Now for the daubers, some have finger holes, so I just stuck a little of the female part on the side and attached it to the side of the pad. I did this because the ink pads stack and the dauber would take up that space so that you could not stack them.

I have quite a few that don't have anything attached yet, but as I buy new pads, I will add them. I hope you like this idea. I know I love this one!

I have been honored by Nancy Waterman of .  She is printing this tip on her next on-line article.  Anyway, thank you Nancy and thank you for coming to visit my blog.  Hopefully once settled from the move, I will be back to share some goodies with you.

Hugs Lori


Jan Castle

Thanks for the tip!


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Lori…I first want to thank you for the very kind comment you left on my blog post for the ODBD Release. I am heading over to your Pinterest boards to pin the Sailor's knot…thank you! Secondly…thanks for the Velcro tip…I know exactly what you mean having the left over Velco pieces! Have a wonderful day!